Improving the Quality of Life of an Entire Town Through Fitness


Your Video Needed for:

"I Am GetFIT Griffith"

Griffith Fitness Trail Project On Pace

We are looking for examples of fitness in our town to compile into a video. Your video segment should be less than 30 seconds and contain the statement "I am GetFIT Griffith".


We are please to announce that Imagine Griffith has focused on the Trail Improvements as their next project focus for 2013. We hope to improve the signage an downtown connection points.

We also support the creation of a fitness event tied to the celebration of our section of hte trail.

What Is GetFIT Griffith?

We are organized citizens of Griffith, Indiana committed to making our town healthy through fitness events, campaigns and community partnerships.  


It is our mission to improve the quality of life in Griffith, Indiana by promoting the positive affects of health, fitness and community through the GetFIT Griffith vision. Formed in 2011, we provide a common platform for citizens of Griffith Indiana to start, maintain and promote a healthy and fit lifestyle.

We pledge to see this vision by taking an active role in getting fit and promoting and supporting those who help others get fit. We pledge to make Griffith "Fitness Friendly" by steering our business and government partners to create exercise oriented infractructure and programs.


Our vision is that Griffith Indiana is a fit community recognized as The Most Fit Town in America. We see fitness as a cornerstone of our community: in both tradition and quality of life. We are a town where citizens, businesses and government work together to make fitness and health a priority.  We see GetFIT Griffith is as and component of Imagine Griffith.