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Proposed Explore Griffith Bike Ride

Premeires May 2012

The Explore Griffith Bike Run is an open course bicycle ride that challenges participants to ride to as many locations as possible on our planned map. This event is recommended for the month of May so it is a cooler month and a time when people can get their bikes out early in the season so they are encouraged to use them through warmer months. We would promote this ride through the our local cycling club, The Calumet Crank Club ( whose vision is …” is to promote cycling as a leisure activity, a sport, and a method of transportation through organized rides, education, and volunteerism.”

Recommended routes will be provided that strategically allows riders to traverse the Town of Griffith making stops at businesses, clubs, churches, municipal locations, historic sites etc. Each location will be a sponsor who will provide participants with proof of the visit. This proof may be event issued tokens or recorded participant number by the location that will be collected. Each visit will be an opportunity for the site to promote their products, services or function. Sponsors are encouraged to provide special discounts to any participant who visits.

At the conclusion of the ride, participants will be recognized for high achievement including most sites visited, farthest locations (example being the Oak Ridge Prairie and businesses on the far south end of town).

At the Event Hub (likely Central Park) other sponsors may setup booths. A smaller version of the Community Fair is an option depending on interest.